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4 Great Reasons Never to Eat Fish Again

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Sea Life, 4 Great Reasons Never to Eat Fish Again

Fish flesh contains omega-3 fatty acids which appear to be heart-protective. However, there are healthier plant based sources of these fatty acids, such as flax and avocado.   Today, you have no way of knowing how much toxic heavy metals and carcinogens, mercury or anything else may in the fish you eating.

“Farmed” salmon contains even more contaminants than flesh from wild-caught salmon. As reported in Science, an analysis of over two tons of flesh from salmon “farmed” in different countries indicated toxic levels of PCBs, dioxins, and banned insecticides such as toxaphene. The risks are so great that the EPA’s guidelines suggest that no one should eat flesh from “farmed” salmon more than once a month.  

High cost of by – catch:  we have all heard about this, starting from tuna fishing, but it’s an enormous problem.  Imagine a hunter putting up a 10’ high electric fence along 5 miles in the woods to catch a deer.  To heck with anything that may touch it and die.  It wouldn’t be allowed – but the equivalent happens every day in our oceans.  The names of ocean dwellers that perish is too long to list.

Sustainability:  surely we can all recognize by now, looking at pictures of the enormous seafood markets all over the world, that even our vast ocean cannot sustain our greed.    Some of the larger fish haven’t been able to reproduce fast enough for many years and it shows.  We are emptying the oceans of life.  Google it; it's happening fast.


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