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Vitamin D

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Pill, Vitamin DYou probably know someone who has stopped eating dairy, or maybe just commercially produced dairy products. So where is the necessary Vitamin D coming from that they may have been getting from all those D enriched foods they are no longer eating?
When you google search foods high in this vitamin, the list looks something like this:
cod liver oil
fortified cereals
salami, ham, sausage
fortified soy products
egg yolk
some cheeses (like parmesan)

The list has several items that may be not worth eating for the D due to other suspicious ingredients (referring to salami, ham, sausage, egg yolk, and fish depending on where it's from). If your stomach feels queasy just thinking about eating some of these foods, especially the mass produced versions, take heart - there is an answer:
this one may need the supplement!
Vitamin D is necessary and a lack of it causes rickets, osteoporosis, and is being studied as a possible trigger for multiple sclerosis.
So be sure to get your daily recommended dose of 600 IU's per day for an adult (per the National Institute of Health, and they know everything)
Stay healthy and eat well!


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