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Emu Oil - Icky?

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Is there EMU OIL in your skin product? If so, here are some facts to consider about the making of emu oil:
Emu's are large, flightless birds belonging to the same group as ostriches.  Emu oil is actually found in a thick pad of fat that is located on the back of the emu. Clearly, the oil is not generated from live animals.

The fat is separated from the meat. Next, the fat is removed from the skin, ground and then melted. Then the emu oil is sent through the processing phase, during which it is filtered, refined, sterilized and deodorized. However, not all emu oil goes through all these steps. Some emu oil is simply filtered and still contains contaminants and bacteria.
Many emu farmers raise and slaughter the animals for their meat and the byproducts are then used for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes.
There are many many products available without emu oil - read the labels!  There is no reason to use anything with EMU OIL in it.

Emu, Emu Oil - Icky?


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