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Dancing Dingo Natural Botanical Perfume Moroccan Rose

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Moroccan Rose
Moroccan Rose Natural Botanical Perfume
  by Dancing Dingo  .35 oz Roll On Bottle

This amazing all natural perfume comes in a roll on bottle you will love.  Easy to apply just about anywhere. 
No chemical fragrances *  Vegan  *  Cruelty Free  *  Alcohol Free

Moroccan Rose is beautiful, romantic, deep - Moroccan Rose Absolute is well rounded and emotionally balancing. An intoxicatingly beautiful, delicate yet uplifting fragrance, Rose absolute is the supreme replica of fresh roses in bloom. It is a scent absolutely like no other rose; true and exact Moroccan Rose.  

Ingredients:  Fractionated coconut oil, Rose Moroc (rosa centifolia) absolute Gluten


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